Ep. 109 - Jawbreaker Documentary (Dan Didier, Blake Schwarzenbach)

Dan Didier from The Promise Ring, Maritime, Vermont and currently Dramatic Lovers was a huge part of the recently released Jawbreaker documentary “Don’t Break Down.” To find out more about his experience producing and helping make this film a reality, we spoke on the phone while Dan was at the water park with his girls. Also, I recorded a portion of the Blake Schwarzenbach and Dan Didier’s Q&A at the end of a screening recently in Brooklyn. It’s a little hard to hear the questions but you can figure out by the answer what was asked. Apologies for my loud laughs or writing my question down on a piece of paper. Through all that, I thought it was worth hearing Blake’s answers to playing more shows, his favorite songs, etc. Hope you enjoy and go see the documentary if you can! Learn more at www.dontbreakdown.com

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