Favorite New Band - I Love Your Lifestyle - "My Yard" Video Premiere

I Love Your Lifestyle are 5 long time friends from Sweden. They started the band to hang out and play some fun and catchy music. Their aim has always been to take the fun out of American indie and emo acts and combine it with the melodic yet melancholy sense of the Swedish music tradition. Since most of the band discovered music through heavy metal and punk, they ended up somewhere in between all these things. They've toured Sweden as well in Russia, Germany and the UK and played with Joan of Arc, Football, etc and The World Is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid To Die.  This is the first single from upcoming debut album "We Go Way Back" on NDE Records. 

About the video:

"The video is filmed and edited by our dear friend David Eickhoff. Most parts are shot at our friends parents house during an annual event where we gather old friends and hang out." 

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