Premiere: Colly - "Shelter Me"

Colly's song "Shelter Me" hits your favorite streaming service on 8/31 but Washed Up Emo has it first.

Lead vocalist, Jake Hollen shares, “Shelter Me is about anxiety. Feeling so insecure outside yourself that you’re forced into solitude, but learning to become ok with it.  That process can effect relationships with other people (chorus), so it talks about finding confidence within yourself before you can find comfort in someone else.”

“When we were growing up, bands like Manchester Orchestra, Green Day, Suicidal Tendencies, Death Cab for Cutie caused us to form the friendships we have with one another to this day. Those bands and the DIY scene is where we all got our start. Warped Tour was such a big dream to all of us as teens, and we had the denim vests, vans and out keys carabiner-ed to our hips to match all our idols on stage.“ –Andrew Hopkins, drummer