Premiere - Tony Clark (Prawn) - "Chairlift"

Tony Clark from Prawn has a new song and it's amazing. Listen below. 

"This song specifically is the first song that really felt like it needed a full band. It's one of my favorites from that batch that we are currently recording. I think it has a more laid back vibe, both musically and lyrically than anything I've really done before." - Tony

"This project has always been on the back burner. I wrote a solo EP in 2012, which was accompanied by a full band. I found it to be a nice outlet away from Prawn. I picked the project back up after Prawn finished our last tour in February. Everyone was pretty burnt out and wanted to take some time away from playing and it seemed like the space was available for me to write songs on my own again. The songs I was writing had much more of a full band feel to them and after a few months, I asked the guys to start jamming them out with me. They feel different than Prawn songs and I'm doing all the writing, so it felt wrong to call them Prawn. Who knows where the project goes, as right now it's all about having fun playing music." - Tony

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IG- tonyclark28
Twitter - TonyClarkMusic