Stream the Jawbreaker Documentary Soon!

Don’t Break Down: A Film About Jawbreaker (produced by The Promise Ring’s Dan Didier) is getting a wide release on August 6. That day, it will become available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon/Amazon Prime.

Dan Didier, the producer and also drummer from The Promise Ring said:

“It’s about time that this film finally sees a digital release! I know for their fans it seems like it has been taking forever (and it has) especially since it was my number one goal to get this out as soon as possible and WAY sooner than it has. BUT since it’s start (and way before my time on the project) it has always been a self-funded passion project and, I suppose, that ethos continued on after I got involved. The money made from all of the screenings helped pay for the finishing of the film and that was a long long process. With that, I would like to personally thank all of the theaters and promoters for being willing to screen the film and to the theater goers themselves for helping, in their own way, to get this finished.

For me, seeing the band reunite at Riot Fest was pretty incredible. After working on this project for the years before it still seemed to me like something that would never happen, even while it was happening. I’ve never seen such a massive crowd losing their collective minds like that before.

Now that the film finally finished (I would like to point out the band made it clear that their reuniting had nothing to do with the film) I am hoping for another type of resurgence for them. But, you know, new recordings would work equally as well. : )”

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