washed up emo. the origins. the history. the disgust.

this blog is for all the fans of the mid 90s emo that at the time wasn't a bad word or had any connotation to some crappy haircut or tight jeans. it was about the music, the moment, the time when this stuff was the most groundbreaking music that had a voice, a purpose and life to it. now its just the next hair metal that your mom and grandma even know about. as i try and put into words some of the my thoughts i will hope you understand where i am coming from. i am 29 years old, i enjoy emo music from the mid 90s that doesn't include fall out boy, etc. and i will hope to clarify what bands are emo and which ones are. for example - mineral = emo, my chemical romance = not emo. i will also try and put in perspective the time and place of this music and help relate to the mid 90s. if anything, a place for those that understand that emo is not just rites of spring but of a slew of bands that helped build what is now a disgusting and horrible music that is in every mall in america and beyond.

come along for the ride.