hair metal and emo are the same thing. its coming! i know there is a band thats going to save us....

is there a band that is going to end emo? look at the comparisons of emo to hair metal. for those younguns that don't remember its where all the bands sounded the same, had the same hair, same moves, got huge and played big venues, people made a crapload of money, asshole labels and booking agents ran the scene into the ground... SOUND FAMILIAR?!?!

just as it was ending/downward turn... Nirvana came and killed it. Can it happen again? will we have a band that will pull us out? in the age of internet and such a 15 second fame and even for bands... will it? i hope it will. emo was fun. emo meant something. now its a genre where mexican kids beat the shit out of a girl that has highlights and wears fall out boy shirts.

gameshow idea! name the emo band! i can name that in 4 notes alex.

lets look at the comparisons closer....

bands all sounded the same
hair metal: warrant, poison, ratt, slaughter, winger, whitesnake, etc.
emo: panic at the disco, fall out boy, hawthorne heights, red jumpsuit.., the almost, etc.

using a different term which means its just pop but they can't admit it so they tried to sound harder
hair metal: metal (you are not venom)
emo: calling it post-hardcore (you are not quicksand)

hair metal: nuff said
emo: girls hair in the face, doods hair in the face, doods hair better than girls hair.

stores to shop at
hair metal: leather store
emo: not one but two stores for clothes! hot topic and torrid!

tight clothes
hair metal: spandex and leather
emo: girls jeans

a scene/area that a&r pillaged bands...
hair metal: sunset strip, LA
emo: new jersey and long island

same moves on stage
hair metal: rotating drum set, stupid moves with the bass (nikki sixx), microphone tricks (bret michaels)

big douche bag of the scene
hair metal: take your pick.
emo: pete wentz

their own tv show
hair metal: headbanger's ball (they actually played these videos) it was called metal?!
emo: Steven's Untitled Rock Show (its not an emo show by name, but it is)

rivalries among the scene
hair metal: pick any of the douche bands lead singers and throw a dart
emo: craig from chiodos vs. anthony green of circa survive

big festival
hair metal: well now state fairs, but before those were the bands that rocked all the fests in europe, etc.
emo: bamboozle left and right (christ almighty.. how about bamboozle my back yard)

so as i am sitting here i sit patiently for the scene to die. its time for a new rising, a new genre. its out there. i might even be listening to it and not telling you. hair metal is the new emo. look out. even mexico knows that now.