Now That's What I Call Emo / Greatest News EVERRRR!

This video is a take on the Now Hits Collection that the major labels put together and rotate who releases them each year and idiots of all ages buy them in droves so you can have the hits that you hear on the radio back to back to back on a fucking COMPACT DISC!!! I know, its fucking revolutionary. Major labels have all the answers and expense accounts.

and for the greatest news of the year goes to this question posted in the article interviewing Jimmy Eat World. Peep this!

How long do you see Jimmy Eat World going on? Will you be in your 50s rocking out like the Rolling Stones or U2?

I don't know about that (laughs). But we'll keep playing as long as it's fun for us and people are interested in our music. I think right now it's like every record that we do gets better and we're having more fun now than we've ever had. I don't see it stopping any time soon.

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