Emo girl kills herself for the "emo movement" WTF!

You can't make this stuff up. It's really sad. A 13 year old girl kills herself for emo. The Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Sun

"She used to wear Emo bracelets so her wrists were concealed."

The newspaper describes emo as:
"What is 'emo'?
Emo, which stands for "emotional, is a youth movement based around dark music, dark clothing and a dark view of the world. It was pioneered in America and emo followers adhere to a host of cult-like conventions to demonstrate dedication to this new wave of pop music and lifestyle. The emo brand of music sounds much like indie or rock, but it takes its unique name from the emotional lyrics and melancholy themes. One of the forerunners of this genre is the band My Chemical Romance from New Jersey, America. While most fans simply enjoy the music and dress, others take their fascination to a sinister level. They indulge in self-harming and become obsessed with death and suicide."

The Daily Mail says:
"The Black Parade is a nickname for the place where Emo fans believe they will go when they die."

Someone please explain the different between emo bracelets and snap bracelets to me.