History Lesson - Aversion remembers The Promise Ring and so should you!

Aversion.com thankfully wrote this:
"Before emo got all weird and wrapped up in eyeliner and self-harm, there was The Promise Ring.

Emo-pop mainstays The Promise Ring busted out of the underground with 1997's Nothing Feels Good (Jade Tree), which pushed the band's love for punk simplicity into worlds of pop that were mildly embraced by the mainstream media. "Why Did We Ever Meet?" helped fan the flames of first-wave emo hoopla in the States, and helped position The Promise Ring as one of the most important acts of the genre's early years."

Great work Aversion.com

I don't even remember seeing this video on 120 Minutes or even on VHS comp... VHS tapes.. yeah.. thats right.. VHS. anyway, its nice to see this song get a little life. Ahhh when emo wasn't about how you looked but about the music. washedupemo.com never sounded so right.