Fall Out Boy - "I Don't Care" - OMG! CAMEOS! OMG! CRAP SONG!

Yawwnnnnnnn. Why do Fall Out Boy try so hard to be the "cool" kids on the block but in the end their videos just look all alike and with the same humor and more cameos. Also, such timely things that will make the video outdated in about 2 months when no one will remember their witty Sarah Palin impersonator, couldn't you of gotten Tina Fey? Aren't you like the biggest emo band in the world?

Some of the other cameos are Butch Walker, FOB's manager, Mark Hoppus and Spencer from The Hills ("Like OMG, How did you get him to agree to that?!!?!"). Yeah, I ruined it for you if you haven't seen it but I did save you 4 minutes of your life that I just lost not listening to the new Mogwai album. Or you can't wait, so click away below...I don't care.