Hey Emo Kids, Don't Stuff The Ballot, Like Republicans Will Try To Do!

I am stunned at the current results of the poll here at WashedUpEmo.com. More people think Emo will never die. Boy, do I have some sweet Eric Estrada timeshares in Arkansas I want to show you.

Or all you hair farmers creaming your pants over Craig Owens brand new Porshe really want to support this now worthless artform of hair, pants, whores and rehab stories. I will always go back to my argument. Metal was cool, then Hair Metal ruined it. Nirvana came from the gods to blow Hair Metal out because it was all about fun, whores, good times, cameos and not about the music. Do you see where I am going with this? Today, the bands are having fun and thinking the world is at their fingertips. Do you see a recession in the Emo world? I didn't think so. I am still waiting for the one band to put Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, The Maine and whatever else crap is calling itself emo to run for the hills with their tail between their legs.

Sure metal had many offshoots that still thrive today as will Emo but to think we are just one band away from changing course. I just get so excited I can't sleep at night.

Bonus: Metal rendition of ChiPs TV Theme song, a-mazing!