BOMB THIS PAGE - - Further Proof That The UK Takes Us Wayyyy Too Seriously

As I scour the internet for lovely things to make this blog what it is, I came across the Emo Rangers and expecting a horribly put together montage of crap. But instead it's a well put together and edited little show that makes fun of every supposed offspring of emo. THEN I realized the wankers at MTV UK made it. So as I sit here in the wonderful United States where emo was born, watching The Hills and *tear* the last episode of TRL, the UK is watching a show about Emo! You should do yourself a favor and go to just to make yourself feel better about GM being bailed out by Uncle Sam, your 401k shitting the bed or maybe last week when your mom didn't let you go out on Thursday to see Escape the Fate. You should feel better knowing we aren't as stupid as the UK.

An episode complete with intro of all the main characters!

The best video by far on is a guy interviewing UK kids about emo. Supposedly Ross is in "the center of the emo universe" in the UK. I was tempted to put subtitles for everyone. Must see video!