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So I found this Can you please tell me which two are doods. Winner gets a free Mineral 7". Dead Serious. The hairstyles are out of control. PLEASE STOP!
They also had a great history on Emo where they talk about Sunny Day Real Estate! But what's great is that they didn't post a photo of SDRE. It's a photo of Division Day! You FUCKING IDIOTS! Look, I don't claim to know what a swoop, The Rachel or perm is so I don't talk about it. Take that same advice and don't talk about Emo! - Emo Girls - Emo Boys

"In the mid 90's, bands such as Rites of Spring, Weezer and Sunny Day Realestate start moving away from the dirty grungy pessimism of the music of those times towards more punky, happy kinda preppy and totally emotional mixed in with some gothic accessories, through time this became the very well know subculture known as EMO."