Creed is to Butt Rock as Sunny Day Real Estate is to Emo

The rumors are flying all around for the SDRE reunion. I'm way into this and was lucky enough to see them back in 2000. Although, I see SDRE as a band that everyone says is their favorite emo band or the one that started it. Sady, not Christie Front Drive, the band responsible for Jimmy Eat World being who they are today.

So I thought long and hard and realized that SDRE are Emo's version of Creed. Creed is to butt rock as SDRE is to Emo. SDRE are the one everyone mentions if you even heard of emo once. Same goes for butt rock and if you think of bands you think of Creed, Nickelsack, etc. It's like saying you know about politics and pull out the state senator from New York and then sound really smart. Even though you know that's the only one you know. Not sure why you would want to be really versed in butt rock but hey, I don't care what you do while trying to pick up chicks next to the jukebox at the bar downtown.

Regardless, I hope that this tour of Sunny Day Real Estate doesn't include everyone in the crowd just yelling numbers out to the band ("Seven", "47" and the emo approved "In Circles". Yes, they will play those so shut the fuck up and let them play.

Enjoy this performance of "Seven" from the Jon Stewart show. No, not The Daily Show. This was his late night show back in the day you bastards...