No Security at Bamboozle. Pierre looked Pete Wentz right in the EYE! PLUS new writers!

I walked into Bamboozle 3 days in a row. The apex of emo is dead and no way in hell was I going to pay/support that. I did though try the sweet cake/vegetarian delight. Delish. Pictures coming this week.. I still need to dry out.

That is right my lovely readers. I, Pierre, looked straight in the eye of Pete Wentz. You know what I saw? I saw a guy that looked right through me but then just as he turned away, there was a twinkle in his eye. He knew, he knew I was looking at him as he rode away in his motorized cart at the lovely Bamboozle festival. But more importantly I got to mouth, "Look at that fucking guy..." as then his motorized cart moved him to his bus to lick his bass in preparation for the show that night. It was glorious and we here at Washed Up Emo are thankful for the opportunity.

Finally...amazing news! We here at Washed Up Emo have two new writers that will be gracing this site. First is Trashly Wentz. She will be providing the gossip and usually hears about things WAY before myself so, Trashly, welcome. And also, lets welcome Briancyde. He is a long time reader and supporter of all things Washed Up Emo. Thank you for your current support and future contributions.
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