CRABCORE - The Latest Hell on Earth

For those that don't know about Crabcore, no it's not about Craig Owens, it's a new genre where from what I can gather, the bands use auto tune, play guitar/bass/sing and act like crabs. You will see when you watch. The most popular one today is Attack Attack!. Few videos to watch including the last one where they fucking admit to be fine with being labeled Crabcore. Brokencyde...I found a new target.

Fun things to watch if you want to jump around the official video:
1:17 - The Rites of Spring beginning of Crabcore
2:30 - Blink 182 Tattoo
2:53 - Running Man

The real video - Not as fun to watch as Keyboard Cat

My personal favorite - Keyboard Cat Plays off Attack Attack!

Best Cover of Attack Attack! - Excellent Guitar Spins

Article from the UK (of course they are SHITTING themselves over this) Guardian Article

Admitting they suck...
Attack Attack Interview HARDTIMES.CA
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