Look Out Warped Tour 2009, Washed Up Emo is there Sunday!

I, Pierre, will be there Sunday participating in the "we need to just take these kids money ONE more year" Warped Tour in CT. Rumors is that it's just a big dance party. Hopefully a few bands can keep it together this summer. Look for a bunch of updates, videos and pictures of completely stupid bands that you all hate, love and want to punch in the temple.

- Pause the Millionaire's backing track. I'm bringing my programmable remote.
- Find Brokencyde and lure them to the Holiday Inn Express in downtown Hartford where I brought a professional from Intervention. Going to need some help here people. Find me at the Truth bus.
- Give kids guitars, amplifiers and non-auto tune microphones. I know this is the toughest out of my goals but I'm talking to Gibson about this.
- See Alexisonfire.

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