Dear Intern at Paste Magazine, Go Back to Talking About Belle and Sebastian

Too many interns or old guys like me want to relive their past years and be relevant by working in their new indie outposts and pitch an article to their editor on EMO! "No, really. I saw The Promise Ring BEFORE "Nothing Feels Good", for real!"

Paste Magazine told me the top 10 emo bands! Thanks so much, now please talk about the top 10 comedies of the 80s, the color of Ryan Adams eyeshadow last Thursday or getting on your knees for Radiohead.

The List:
1. The Promise Ring 2. The Get Up Kids 3. Weezer 4. Texas is the Reason 5. Sunny Day Real Estate 6. Rites of Spring 7. Braid 8. Jimmy Eat World 9. Alkaline Trio 10. Cursive
Complete list with song clips is located here.

I'm a bit lost but happy they included some bands but Weezer was a pop band right off the bat with MTV videos and fame. Alkaline Trio was more punk and just because Skiba wears eye shadow he isn't the reason people should now or his then connection to emo.

Where is Mineral? Where is Elliott? CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE! They are the reason Jimmy Eat World slowed down from a punk band. Where is that? Not a bad list but two horrible additions make it seem he read the Alt Press writers Emo book and said, "SWEET! I got a story for my last week as a Paste intern!"
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