Sunny Day Real Estate - Approve and Support Washed Up Emo. Plus: Are They Back for Good?

Among many emotions at Terminal 5 in NYC on the fateful Sunday night, one did not expect these turn of events. After enjoying the amazing set of The Jealous Sound (who are also playing Tuesday night in Brooklyn for all you REAL emo kids), everyone was anxiously awaiting the reformed Sunny Day Real Estate.

After seeing this band on the "How it feels..." and "Rising Tide" tours, it begged to differ what had changed? Was it money, boredom or love to be playing these songs? 10 years ago if you yelled "48" would get you a scowl from Jeremy. Put aside all those thoughts and enjoy four musicians smiling, enjoying and relishing in their craft and heir to a genre that is officially dead. Maybe this puts the nail in that coffin?

The band was flawless and all the hits from both "Diary" and "LP2" were represented with amazing tenacity and one of the best sets I have seen in recent years. After they played the new song from the set, I yelled "10 more". Interesting note as of course I was wearing my Washed Up Emo logo shirt and at one point Jeremy looks up at the 2nd level and he squints, what feels like reads my shirt then laughs as he starts back into a verse. Was there a giant blow up of Pete Wentz's ego? Not sure but my point had been made, the crowd was washed up and old but we are here Sunny Day Real Estate and we aren't going away.
After a pleasant turn of events, I got to meet all the members of the band and some quality time was had. In those moments I learned and will share with some that will be helpful for this blog and hope you find exciting.

- They consider emo a bad word and use it as an insult.
- Possible recording of a new album is a GOOD possibility when they get back from tour.
- They wanted to end with "Days Were Golden" as on the "How it Feels Tour..." but no dice.
- Dan from SDRE heard me yell "10 more" and agrees with me that the vibe is so good now it could happen!
- Dan also approves of and wants it to continue for its good work on education on his band and others like it.

Nuff said, I pretty much take that as if President Obama said it to me. I take your challenge Mr. Dan (was in Dashboard Confessional for a hot minute) Hoerner and will continue my fight against all that has been ruined with this genre, all that has been put in neon lights, tight pants and keyboards.

Take back the loud/soft dynamic, take back the screaming and heartfelt lyrics and TAKE BACK what is rightfully ours. Sunny Day Real Estate are back and God help me but I think we are making progress.
Tom MullenComment