BREAKING NEWS! Pete Wentz Declares "Death Of The Emo Haircut" with Pictures!

Tonight in NYC, through my many sources for Washed Up Emo, I was sent photos of Mark Hoppus shaving the head of Pete Wentz! Pete mentioned that he would do anything to be on this tour and in true "we are making BOAT LOADS on our merch", so why not. Mark comes out and proceeds to shave Pete's hair. Right before the cutting begins he announces this is "the death of the emo haircut."

So kids, "mark" your calendars, October 4th, 2009 the death of Emo Haircuts. On the day that Van Halen replaced Sammy Hagar with Gary Cherone, Squeeze broke up and Dream Theatre released their amazing album "Awake", we can take solace in that Pete has declared today, "Death of the Emo Haircut".

UPDATED 10:56PM EST - Bed Head stock plummets.