The Get Up Kids - Not Something To Write Home About - Live in NYC

Anticipation and Expectations. Two words felt before a long awaited return. Anticipation sometimes has a way of losing itself before an event. Expectations sometimes lead to unfulfilled feelings and in turn a bad experience. Maybe my anticipation was too long and expectations too high for tonight. As a huge fan of this band and have personally seen The Get Up Kids for 12 years, it comes with a bit of a shock that tonight was as ho-hum as a reunion show has felt in recent memory. The signs were definitely not pointing to that leading in. This reunion tour is on the heels of the re-release of 'Something To Write Home About' and partly due to the band finding out that kids came to Bamboozle to see them. Though previously when we yelled "Mass Pike" during the 'On A Wire' and 'Guilt Show' tours, a scowl came from band.

Now that's all in the past and it's all songs on deck for this upcoming tour. Those feelings of road trips, make out sessions, summer nights, finger pointing and reciting lyrics in a public and presentation speaking class, were not there tonight. Sure, blame the fact that the band or factions of the band have been around and never really left, but I couldn't feel it tonight.

Texas is the Reason's reunion back in 2006 albeit just two shows had the feeling of an event, a moment in time they were sharing with everyone in that crowd. Sunny Day Real Estate not too long ago, you could see, hear and feel the sounds reverberating off the walls as the band tore into those songs like it was the first time through in practice with the calluses on the fingers burning as each riff burned into the skin. That's EMO!

Tonight, given my feelings, The Get Up Kids did play great and tore through a set from every album and even threw in a Blackpool Lights song that brought a smile to my face. Also, a favorite of "On A Wire" was expertly done with the band completely tight and flawless in their execution. That's where I had the trouble. It felt as if the band was going through the motions. "Hey kids, you liked us at Bamboozle, and you want us again? Sweet, I'm sure you are older, have a job and drink so the venues will like us now." I really wanted to have a good time but the night felt off and I'm sure the band enjoys playing the songs but I was anticipating and expecting a moment, a sound, lump in my throat, an event to have it be an amazing show. It never came to be.

I wanted and expected too much. This night was nothing close to that and by the looks of my row of 4 people sleeping, I wasn't the only one. Maybe their parents were up front. I'm not sure.

Enjoy this 1997 version of "Don't Hate Me" complete with a dedication in Austin, TX to MINERAL!

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2009 - Bamboozle in New Jersey
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