Cap'n Jazz Reunion - Quiet, Stealth and Amazing

Local Cover Band was their name on this bill but everyone knew Cap'n Jazz were back for an albeit short set of 4 songs last night in Chicago. Those lucky enough to catch this saw Tim Kinsilla and Davey von Bohlen (who is now an accountant?) rip through a quick 15 minute set. Sick world we live in where one of the most amazing musicians from this era is now at a desk job while Crabcore, neon and Access Hollywood follow the Wentz family around New York. Our fight is not over my friends. Reunion in place? Not so sure but a great taste for those that missed one of the forefathers of emo.

Cap'n Jazz info -'n_Jazz
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Check out two amazing videos from the set that included "Little League", "We Are Scientists" as well.

"Oh Messy Life" -

"Que Suerte" -
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