Hardcore History - The Beautiful Mistake

Formed in 2000, The Beautiful Mistake released two full lengths, couple EPs and a slew of compilation tracks and in that time played with all the hardcore, punk and rock bands of that time. Josh Hagquist, who was the main songwriter throughout the bands life, was one of the nicest guys in the scene at the time.

I took the upcoming list from Wikipedia because I am brain dead and deaf from all the shows, but these guys toured with the who's who of the early 2000s. They shared the stage with Further Seems Forever, Brand New, Hopesfall, Elliott, Funeral For A Friend, As Cities Burn, Fall Out Boy (Pre-licking basses I hope), Senses Fail, Moneen, Every Time I Die, Open Hand, Glasseater, Brandtson, Anberlin, The Myriad and Copeland. Not a bad list and to their credit produced some amazing music many of us still listen to this day. I have picked a few tracks for you to listen to. At the bottom a link to a rare EP they released and to Josh's current music. Enjoy.

"This is Who You Are"

"On Building"

Listen to an old limited EP from the now dead Sidecho Records- HERE!
Josh stiil rockin acoustic - MySpace.com/jmistake