Owl City: When Copying Becomes Pop

An article came out by Gawker just before Thanksgiving and you NEED TO FUCKING READ THIS! I haven't even had the power or been able to not punch my computer as I type about Owl City and how bad it is. Thanks to Gawker I can rest for a bit and reflect.

So only 6 years needs to happen before I can totally copy another artist and NO ONE FUCKING REALIZES THIS AT ALL? Is Postal Service getting any royalties from this? If this is a breaking artist and all the mainstream press fawns over it, then I'm close to giving up. Can we sue this band? It's way too easy to start a band. I think Garageband should have a test and you send in your songs like you do the App Store and they get rejected or accepted. Then you are able to then record music with your band or by yourself. This would of also prevented Owl City because someone at Apple would of called Ben Gibbard and said "Hey Ben, yeah it's Sal over at Apple, another kid took that computer sound and whispered, got a sec to listen to this?" BAM! No Owl City!

Just an idea. Read this now...

UPDATE: He steals artwork too!