Pete Wentz Mates With Craig Owens in 2010 - Sugar is Definitely Going Down

What did I predict earlier in 2009? Pete and Craig would mate. It's now coming true and because of that, no more predictions in 2010 other than the death of emo. Whoops, did I just say that?

Emo's patron saint Pete Wentz announced on MTV that his pick for favorite artist of 2010 is none other than Craigery Owens formerly of Chiodos and 16 other things to feed his needs. Pete sums up why in this breathtaking quote, "i've heard some of his demos." WELL HOLY SHIT! Thanks! I really get the vibe and feel for the MUSIC, Pete.

This downtime to decompress from your horrible band to focus on Craig is now very conflicting. I have no problem with Craiggers and his time with Chiodos but this Pete/Craig thing is getting out of hand and both of you will soon be jerking each other off in a studio. Gonna need vaulted ceilings for those egos and all the "amazing" ideas. Craig, I thought you were better than that.

Tom MullenComment