Listen to THIS - The Grown Ups

I think the Jade Tree, Saddle Creek and Crank! CDs that were sold so washed up folks like ourselves could afford car payments, getting through unemployment or the wife telling us to get rid of all that plastic. Regardless of the reason, 3 guys in Michigan City, Indiana have something figured out. Take some Lifetime, The Movielife, On The Might of Princes but throw in that Midwest flavor and you have a small idea. The songs I could find online were great and with a new album out in May, entitled "More Songs" and a tour in the UK, I hope the super swoops over there in England take a liking to something that actually resonates from real emo music. Maybe it hasn't become a bad word after all. Their label Big Scary Monster is also the UK home to Kevin Devine and Walter Schreifels.

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