New Band - Princess Dinosaur

There are some perks to running a site like this, other than responding to flame emails from underage hair farmers, I get to review some of the best up and coming music. One of those bands is Princess Dinosaur. Born from the ashes of Nic Newsham and Nick Vombrack from Gatsby's American Dream and Dr. Manhattan respectively.

With the help of their mutual friend Casey Bates to introduce the two, the duo wrote and recorded the EP between two studios in Washington and Illinois. Think Brand New, Places and Numbers, As Cities Burn and Owen. It's not the first time a band member has branched off to do their own thing with someone else and turn down the noise, this just one just sounds better than the others.

A band's common thing to say in interviews is that their newest album is always their best. How can you fault them? It's the same feeling you have each time you hear a band for that fateful 2nd album, hoping it's just as good as the last and closing your eyes as each new note and second pass. As I close my eyes, I'm looking forward to that 2nd chapter.

"A Goldfish and his Friends" EP is available this August for free, just follow them on Twitter.


Princess Dinosaur
A Goldfish and his Friends
1. Oak Island
2. Yeah Sure
3. Steamy Dreamz
4. Electricity
5. Hares and Bears
6. Scaring the Kids