NEW The Get Up Kids Song / Read About Them Bitching About Emo

It's almost 2011. I know what I am going to tell my 1 year old nephew when he can understand me talking. Right now, he just knows that I give him clothes with shamrocks and the color green. So when that day comes I am going to tell him that any band you see growing up will get back together, write a really good underrated last album, then one member will do a solo album, then they will miss "the good ole days" and get back together to swindle the depleted fans one more time. I'm not saying this is The Get Up Kids, but it's damn near close. I'm happy they are still writing music and touring. I just wish bands would stop saying, "this is our last tour so you better come out..... until the next time we need money". Here's to The Get Up Kids for roughing it again for us mid 30 year olds and touring again. If you are so inclined, read the latest Stereogum article where the band talks tries to distant themselves with emo. New song isn't half bad either. Maybe I'll take my nephew to see them when he is 14. I'm sure they will be around.
Stereogum article and Song