WashedUpEmo.com EXCLUSIVE: Refused - Unreleased Live Set - 10/3/1998

The wait is over. Recorded two shows before their demise, Refused take to the stage at the Guilford College lounge in Greensboro, NC fitting not more than 200 people if that on October 3rd, 1998. A few things I remember from that night was that one, I wasn't even supposed to go. A friend convinced me to go and forget my homework during college. Not sure why I needed convincing to be honest. I also remember that working at the college radio station, there were multiple labels that had heard it was over for Refused and had me say goodbye for them. Labels including Victory, Revelation and Equal Vision. It was slightly surreal seeing the band just stare blankly at the ground with a feeling of "lets get this over with" as they sat in the venue waiting to go on. As I look back at this video, I love seeing the faces in the crowd. Those were my social networks, those people were my group of friends that you say every few days at shows. I saw probably 2-3 shows a week during college and none has had more importance than this one. I hope you enjoy this and would love to know your thoughts about this band and what their music meant to you.

Link to Full Playlist:

"The Shape of Punk to Come"

"Refused Party Program"

"Coup D'Etat"

"Refused Are Fucking Dead"

"Rather Be Dead"

"Hook, Line and Sinker"

"Deadly Rhythm"

"New Noise"

"Tannhäuser / Derivè"