Braid Reforms - WashedUpEmo Tells The Future

Back on Nov. 25th 2010, I had a hunch Braid would reform.

Well here they are courtesy of some news from A.V. Club Welcome back Braid. Thank God your legend grew as the years past and you were roped together with the Mineral, Texas is the Reason, Sunny Day Real Estate Wikipedia Page for Emo. Poor souls like Silver Scooter don't get these opportunities so don't mess this up. It's only been 6 or so years since they toured for the DVD release "Killing A Camera" so it's really not groundbreaking because they aren't gonna tour on this but I'm stoked nonetheless. Also let's hope a kid rips the vinyl because the newer fans will think a 12" sleeve is a calendars.

Now what would be really rad, is convincing Chris Simpson to reunite Mineral and The Gloria Record for a co-headline double bill of bliss. Someone ask Chris at SXSW for me. Thanks.