WashedUpEmo.com Presents First Show at Cake Shop on April 29th with Everyone Everywhere, Joshua, By Surprise and Gates

WashedUpEmo.com and 1000Knives proudly present a special show featuring the bands Everyone Everywhere, Joshua (Doghouse Records), By Surprise and Gates at Cake Shop in NYC on April 29th, 2011. Bridging the gap between the old and new emo/post hardcore, this show brings together the sounds of two eras (late 90s and today). An idea brought about with the current trend of bands harkening the day when Emo wasn't a bad word. All four on these bands have been featured previously on WashedUpEmo.com and I want to personally thank each band for their involvement. Hope you can come out and enjoy in April.

Study up friends...
Everyone Everywhere: http://everyoneeverywheremusic.com/
Joshua: http://www.joshuaontheweb.com/
By Surprise: http://www.bysurprise.net/
Gates: http://gatesnj.com/

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