SLOPPY SECONDS/BREAKING NEWS: Ashlee Simpson and Craig Owens Dating

I have nothing to say but know that my blog will have fodder for another year. Or at least until Craig decides to quit his band D.R.U.G.S which would be pretty awesome. Lastly, I know where they are in LA. I used to hit up the Subway and Coffee Bean near there. That light takes forever to walk across because of the traffic. I wonder if it will take that long for Craig to walk all over Ashley. BURNNNNNNNNNNNN



Ashlee Simpson-Wentz was all smiles during a recent trip to the Beverly Center mall in Los Angeles. But it wasn’t a particularly good sale that cheered the 26-year-old star — it was her companion, a tattooed blonde rocker named Craig Owens.

“They were holding hands in the elevator,” an insider tells In Touch in an exclusive interview, “and a lot of the time he had his arm around her. They even kissed each other on the lips. It was obvious that they were a couple.”

Considering it’s only been a little more than a month since she’s filed for divorce from husband Pete Wentz, Ashlee seems to be moving rather fast.

But as it turns out, Ashlee has known her man for quite a while: Craig is actually a friend of Pete’s, and his band, D.R.U.G.S., just released its first album on Decaydance, Pete’s record label!

The revelation that she’s been seeing his pal is bound to hurt 31-year-old Pete, who, a friend says, has been desperately trying to win his wife back.

“He sends flowers to her every day, and that’s only the beginning,” the friend reports. “He has even offered to quit his band and let her pursue her career, but so far, she hasn’t budged.”
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