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I have a friend that is emo and she is trying to make me emo im not i look like it but i dont cut myself?
how do i get her to stop trying to influence me? please no comments on her she is a good person
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yes she is "real" emo her parents abused her she has to live with her grandparents who get drunk all the time and other stuff like that

So is she "real" emo (crappy parents, crappy house, druggy siblings, abusive dad, bullying at school or is she, like 90% of emo kids, a poser emo, who wears black and likes dark things because she loves being a pariah?

Regardless, this should be your response. "I don't try to change you, or how you look, or what you are. You should give me the same respect."

If she's your friend, she'll back off. If not, guess you guys really aren't friends.

Best Answer:
OMFG emo is NOT cutting yourself. People who do it cuz there emo are retarded IF YOU CUT YOU ARE A CARVER the word emo is an insult. EMO is a style not a life.
As for your question if you wear the style you are emo. your friend is a carver i guess or an idiot who doent know what shes talking about. Dont let her change you.
A CARVER for two years
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