Christie Front Drive Reunion Show in Brooklyn!

The Bell House & Present:
July 30, 2011 at The Bell House - Brooklyn, NY
8pm / $15 / 18 & over

Seminal punk/emo legends Christie Front Drive formed in Denver in 1993. Citing influences such as Superchunk, Jawbox, Buffalo Tom and Drive Like Jehu, the lineup consists of Ron Marschall (drums), Jason Begin (guitar), Kerry McDonald (bass) and Eric Richter (guitar and vocals).

The band released a self-titled EP and a 7" on Freewill Records in 1994. The two Freewill Records albums and several 7" were later combined and released as a self-titled full length album (commonly referred to as "Anthology"). In 1995, Christie Front Drive released split records with Jimmy Eat World, Sineater, and Boys Life. They also contributed to several compilation albums including (Don't Forget To) Breathe from Crank! Records. The band broke up in 1997 and their only official full length, a self-titled album commonly called "Stereo," was released posthumously by Caulfield Records.

Despite their short tenure, Christie Front Drive became a major influence on punk and emo music in the 90's. Richter resurfaced in the bands Antarctica, The 101, and Golden City, and both Marschall and Begin went on to form The Blue Ontario. Marschall was also credited as an engineer on the The Apples in Stereo's album, The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone. Jason Begin is currently performing under the name This Body as well as the Portland based band Pireate Radio Deluxe and the random appearance with Modernstate. Bassist Kerry McDonald would go on to form The Mighty Rime, who released a self-titled record on Caulfield Records in 2002.

In 2007 Alternative Press named Christie Front Drive one of the "23 Bands Who Shaped Punk" along with Fugazi, Husker Du, Black Flag, Descendents, Bad Brains, Sunny Day Real Estate and other legendary influential punk bands. In 2010 AP also listed them alongside Joy Division, Minor Threat, Operation Ivy, Gorilla Biscuits, and others as one of 13 Bands Who became Legends In Four Years or Less.

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