Emo night in SF references Do You Know Who You Are!

I have never met these people but I messaged them awhile ago about their own emo/post/screamo DJ night. Well recently in an interview they referenced our night! Pretty sweet!

Is Diary the center of the emo universe in SF these days, or are there other ways people can get a fix?
I would confidently say that, yes, if you want to go out to a bar and listen to strictly emo, pop-punk, and screamo music from your past, Diary is the only place in SF to go. Sometimes Debaser has us guest DJ their party, but that’s basically Diary with even more crowd surfing and room to dance. We were recently hit up by people that run another emo night in New York, called Do You Know Who You Are? (name that reference!). Before then, we thought we were the only one.

Go team!