Playlist from Do You Know Know Who You Are? DJ Night

Do You Know Who You Are? Playlist - Idle Hands Bar - 7/7/11

elliott - calm americans
refused - strength
far - in the aisle, yelling
glassjaw - natural born farmer
time in malta - all is said and done
planes mistaken for stars - leaving the room
at the drive in - heliotrope
boysetsfire - rookie
farside - moral straightjacket
liar's academy - dying as fast as i can
big collapse - pull out the guts
alkaline trio - private eye
hot water music - turnstile
the blackout pact - hide the scissors, lock the door
grade - victims of mathematics
handsome - dim the lights
jets to brazil - morning new disease
lifetime - hey catrine
gameface - hey radio
the movielife - another friend?
silent majority - amityville horror
sense field - killed for less
sunday's best - love my friends, hate my life
compound red - versus the ocean
far apart - hazel
blank - the fucking truth
errortype:11 - 228
garden variety - on track
hundred reasons - cerebra
i wish i - summer
boy's life - worn thin
falling forward - drought
mineral - gloria
q and not u - a line in the sand
swing kids - el camino car crash
the promise ring - e. texas ave
tigers jaw - plane vs tank vs submarine
outsmarting simon - cusp of carabella
now she is gone - in the shade
no knife - academy fight song
empire state games - rod pop
hoover - pretender
recover - bad timing
shift - spacesuit
the get up kids - off the wagon
texas is the reason - if it's here when we get back it's ours
the dismemberment plan - ice of boston
rodan - shiner
jimmy eat world - open bar reception
the promise ring - tell everyone we're dead
the color fred - if i surrender
legion of doom - thursday/get up kids
civ - can't wait one minute more
mae - brink of disaster
golden city - gray
small brown bike - the cold
bells on trike - I drive
braid - you are the reason
m.i.j - the swingtown pledge
controlling the famous - detox
boilermaker - slowdown
dear and the headlights - paper bag
the lonely forest - coyote
celebrity - cave
chamberlain - racing cincinnati
hot water music - turnstile
fairweather - casting curses
no knife - academy fight song
saves the day - shoulder to the wheel
mock orange - does it show
by a thread - line ups
rival schools - everything has it's point
the jealous sound - hope for us
christie front drive - radio
goodbye tomorrow - if your eyes were mine