Playlist from Do You Know Who You Are? DJ Night at Idle Hands Bar - August 4th, 2011

Playlist from August 4th, 2011 at Idle Hands Bar in NYC

(Special guests: Scott and Chris from Texas is the Reason)

Elliott – Voices/Calm Americans
Gates – Burned Us Alive
Cross My Heart – Today I Discovered the World
Big Collapse – Prototype
Knapsack – Decorate the Spine
Errotype: 11 – Born in the 80’s
The North Atlantic – Street Sweepers
Braid – New Nathan Detroits
The Get Up Kids – Washington Square Park
Cursive – The Radiator Hums
Sense Field – Building
Fairweather – Lusitania
The Promise Ring – Perfect Lines
Gameface – Everything I Do is Wrong
Hot Water Music – Turnstile
Lifetime – Theme Song for a New Brunswick Basement Show
Quicksand – Thorn in My Side
Silent Majority – Amityville Horror
At the Drive-In – Heliotrope
Pretty Girls Make Graves – Chemical, Chemical
Make Do & Mend – Winter Wasteland
Polar Bear Club – Living Saints
Texas is the Reason – Back and to the Left
Knapsack – Cellophane
Shades Apart – Fearless
Fugazi – Cashout
At the Drive-In – Arcarsenal
Shelter – Here We Go
Thrice – Phoenix Ignition
Soul Side – God City
Rites of Spring – Theme
Jawbox – Static
Dag Nasty – Dag Nasty
Samiam – She Found You
Glendale – Brown Recluse
Embrace – I Wish I
In Your Face – Gates of Steal
Godspeed – Daylight Savings
Seaweed – Kid Candy
New End Original – Weary Progress
Burning Airlines - ?
Quicksand – Super Genius
Jimmy Eat World – Blister
Americans – Hand to Mouth
Jets to Brazil – Orange Rhyming Dictionary
Seam – Bunch
Shudder to Think – Red House
Sunny Day Real Estate – 8
Handsome – Dim the Lights
I Hate Our Freedom – Get Up
Rival Schools – Big Waves
Drive Like Jehu – Bullet Train to Vegas
Fugazi – Blueprint
Grey House – Automatic
Jawbox – Motorist
The Van Pelt – We Are the Heathens
Superchunk – Driveway to Driveway
Quicksand – Freezing Process
Gorilla Biscuits – Start Today
Hoover – Electrolux
New End Original – 14-41
Jimmy Eat World – A Praise Chorus
Texas is the Reason – The Magic Bullet Theory
Jawbreaker – Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault
New Rising Sons – Monday’s Hights
Rocket from the Crypt – Ditch Digger
Walking Concert – Hands Up
Nation of Ulysses – Hot Chocolate
Jets to Brazil – You’re Having the Time of my Life
Burning Airlines – Wheaton Calling
Too Many Voices – Holding On
Lungfish – Mother Made Me
Hum – If You Are to Bloom