Review: Christie Front Drive - Live in Brooklyn - 7/30/11

Reunions are in full swing for many an artist these days. Some are touring on old albums, some are going for one last buck and some like Christie Front Drive on Saturday night at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY did it for love. They quickly found out from the packed and vocal crowd that after all these years, arguably the most respected and influential emo band of the 2nd wave, was getting it's rightful encore and thanks.

I have been writing seriously about this genre for over 4 years and making fun of some bands along the way but overall, this night solidified why I am so passionate about this music and trying to remind everyone that it's roots weren't in dyed black hair and cutting. It has staying power and many people have this same connection. Being that emo was such a niche and then blown up to bits, it's nice to see it come back full circle for an artist like Christie Front Drive that was a major influence indirectly and directly on so many artists. Christie Front Drive is one of the reasons I started this blog and to give bands like them light and exposure. Artists that honestly wore a heart on their sleeve and playing a brand of music I will never feel more connected to in my life.

I stepped into The Bell House and an instant feeling of nostalgia hit me. Fans all my age anxiously waiting to hear the first note. I am sure many got babysitters, took off work and of course met up with old friends through the 2011 phonebook of our day, Facebook. Christie Front Drive didn't disappoint in my view from delivering on a night so anticipated. For a band that mentioned they were a bit rusty proved that a band is a band in the end and turned in one of the most inspiring sets since the Texas is the Reason reunion shows in NYC at Irving Plaza in 2006. Christie Front Drive played flawlessly through all of their catalog with even a shout out to John from Boy's Life and Norm from Texas is the Reason! It was a night of not being embarrassed that you knew each song, Eric's side projects (The 101, Golden City and Antarctica) or each interlude from Stereo Sound. Fans milled around waiting to say thank you to the guys before going back to their regularly scheduled lives.

As I took a cab home, I stared down at my newly purchased t-shirt and reissued vinyl and then started playing with my iPhone. Almost immediately I decided to put the phone in my pocket and open the window. Sitting it silence brought back memories of leaving countless shows in North Carolina without a cell phone and just the empty road ahead with a mix tape playing. This time being in NYC there was traffic, 1010 WINS was my soundtrack and even with how hard and complicated life has gotten in the last 10 or so years, it was a nice break. I guess sometimes reunions aren't all that bad after all.

Selections from the set by YouTube user tisaacso
"Seven Day Candle"





"Long Out"