1 Year Anniversary - Do You Know Who You Are? Playlist - 2/2/12

So, DYKWYA made it to year 1!  We couldn't have done it without all the past guest DJs, all those at Idle Hands Bar, the early fans and of course you for coming out and requesting your favorite tunes.  The common theme I keep hearing is that you never thought a night like this existed.  Well thanks to your word of mouth, we are getting bigger and bigger in NYC.  Last night was close if not the biggest crowd we have ever had for a DJ night.  Thanks to Amy Fiddler and Anthony and PJ from Armor for Sleep for being a part of it.  

Late in the night, I was playing a huge block of the same band with Brian and we started playing Jimmy Eat World's "Lucky Denver Mint".  I looked out from above the DJ equipment to see the smiles, fingers pointing in the air and everyone mouthing the words.  Taking a minute to take it in, this is what this night is all about.  Your friends, memories and for those 4 minutes to take you back to that time when you heard that song, had a first kiss or a roadtrip through the night.  I've said thank you enough but from myself and Brian, we appreciate everyone of you being a part of this night and all the great requests.  See you next month. 

Playlist - Do You Know Who You Are - 2/2/12 - Idle Hands Bar - NYC 

Amy Fiddler

weezer - tired of sex 
the shins - so says i
refused - summer holidays and punk routines
fugazi - waiting room 
thrice - between the end
engine down - trial terror
give up the ghost - since always
the get up kids - last place you look
brand new - sic transit gloria
braid - a dozen roses
minus the bear - sprtiz! spritz!
modest mouse - paper thin walls
piebald - if marcus garvey… 
xo - my beautiful girl (rory remix)
quicksand - thorn in my side
q and not u - a line in the sand
sensefield - overstand
texas is the reason - back and to the left
coheed and cambria - a favor house atlantic

PJ, Anthony - Armor for Sleep 

engine down - pantomime
hot rod circuit - radio song
copeland - pin your wings
thrice - see you in the shallows
at the drive in - cosmonaut
hey mercedes - our weekend starts on wednesday
death cab for cutie - i was a kaleidoscope
emanuel - dislocated
saves the day - sell my old clothes, i'm off to heaven
hum - coming home
recover - my only cure
rocket from the crypt - on a rope
boys night out - waking
the promise ring - b is for bethlehem 
days away - keep your voices down
thursday - war all the time 
alkaline trio - goodbye forever 
the get up kids - alec eiffel 
jimmy eat world - for me this is heaven
coheed and cambria - devil in jersey city
four year strong - men are from mars, women are from hell
the jealous sound - for once in your life
cave in - brain candle
circa survive - the glorious nose bleed
further seems forever - snowbirds and townies
saves the day - at your funeral
texas is the reason - back and to the left
brand new - sudden death in carolina
the stryder - sucker
beloved - failure on my lips
taking back sunday - cute without the E
the anniversary - all things ordinary 
the get up kids - don't hate me
prevent falls - the woods are burning
the promise ring - happiness is all the rage  
recover - betting all i have

Tom / Brian 

braid - killing a camera
thursday - jet black new year
piebald - american hearts
knapsack - skip the details
armor for sleep - dream to make believe
rival schools - everything has it's point
saves the day - shoulder to the wheel 
dashboard confessional - the sharp hint of new tears
jawbreaker - million
casket lottery - jealousy on tap
cap n' jazz - little league
jazz june - burned out bright
bear vs shark - 5, 6 kids
taking back sunday - a decade under the influence
the promise ring - red & blue jeans
small brown bike - the cold
penfold - i'll take you everywhere
sunny day real estate - 47
mineral - palisade
cursive - the radiator hums
benton falls - fighting starlight
copeland - walking downtown
the jealous sound - your eyes were shining
jimmy eat world - no sensitivity
the appleseed cast - innocent vigilant ordinary
the promise ring - why did we ever meet
silent majority - party at rich's
at the drive in - one-armed scissor
death cab for cutie - cath…
sparta - cut your ribbon
saves the day - a drag in d flat
boilermaker - norman
the get up kids - ten minutes
saves the day - anywhere with you
taking back sunday - cute without the E (cut from the team)
the jealous sound - hope for us.
karate - this, plus slow song
the jealous sound - beautiful morning
saves the day - i'm sorry i'm leaving
gates - at the end of all things
hot water music - free radio gainesville
alkaline trio - stupid kid
cross my heart - dornier 
refused - liberation frequency
hot water music - trusty chords
frodus - the feel good song of the year
further seems forever - pictures of shorelines
anberlin - adelaide
the promise ring - b is for bethlehem
jawbreaker - save your generation
transit - s/t
the get up kids - holiday
errortype:11 - better than the Super Bowl
kent - the king is dead
jimmy eat world - lucky denver mint 
masufumi isobe - at your funeral
jimmy eat world - open bar reception
rival schools - used for glue
jimmy eat world - here it goes
quicksand - fazer
jimmy eat world - goodbye sky harbor (LIVE)