Interview - Emo Ikea Monkey Tumblr

One of my favorite new Tumblr blogs is Emo Ikea Monkey.  Most remember the monkey that was running around an Ikea with a sweet jacket on and thus, the image was born. What made it great for emo was how sad the monkey looked in the photo.  I recently reached out to the blogger, Toro, of

 for a quick catch up on his favorite bands and how he came up with the idea.

Where do you live? What do you do when not making awesome Tumblrs? 

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm an art director at an advertising agency.

How did you come up with the idea?

I first saw the Ikea Monkey, especially the photo with the monkey looking outside from the window, my first thought was "omg, that sums up my life, looking at the outside, flat face, like waiting for something that never come". Maybe the monkey thinking she was in the video clip or something.  Then realized, I remember some emo bands album have a deep title, deep cover album. I was listening to Snowing, (that's why it's the first photo in the tumblog), and then "that's it.. the songs and the monkey, represented what emo is".

When did you start to feel this was taking off?

When the

American Football one went live

(till now).

What are some of your favorite bands from this era?

There are many. But for emo bands, I like Empire! Empire!, Dads, TWIABP, and Deer Leap.

Favorite posts so far from the blog?

American Football - Never Meant

How did you get into this music?

Mineral did this to me when i was senior high school, eventhough i already listen to Rites of Spring in Junior High School.

Favorite reunions of the last few years for you?

Carissa's Wierd

Any obscure songs/bands you like that people should know about?

it's not emo, it's more folkish. the band called Talons', you should listen to their music here