Episode 25 - Chris Conley (Saves the Day)

Saves the Day, at it since 1997, has had their share of ups and downs but through it all they struck a chord with fans and still do to this day.  I had the pleasure of having Saves the Day be my one and only band I ever booked.  Sold out pizza restaurant in the middle of North Carolina after only booking one boysetsfire show.  Take that Facebook Events.  Also, vivid memories of worn out cassette tapes of "Can't Slow Down" and "Through Being Cool" that are still so near and dear to my heart.  Chris was gracious enough to sit down with WashedUpEmo.com prior to their latest headlining tour in support of the new self-titled album.  We spoke about Saves the Day's first show, the term "Emo Rock Stars," meanings behind the song "Shoulder to The Wheel," who designed one of their classic album covers and Chris' favorite Sean McGrath memory.  Listening back, it's great to see how happy Chris is at this point in his life and how much he is enjoying the ride.  I couldn't be happier, I hope you are too after listening to this one. Enjoy. 

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