Washed Up Emo's Response to Kerrang's Emo A to Z....

Kerrang Magazine in the UK recently posted an A to Z of Emo. It was littered with bands and events that had no place in the scene.  This one is a little bit closer to reality.  Apologies for not littering this with hair swoops, neon and breakdowns.

A - American Football
B - Braid
C - Christie Front Drive
D - Drive Like Jehu
E - Elliott
F - Falling Forward
G - Get Up Kids, The
H - Hey Mercedes
I - Inside
J - Jimmy Eat World
K - Knapsack
L - Lazycain
M - Mineral
N - No Knife
O - On The Might of Princes
P - Promise Ring, The
Q - Quicksand
R - Rites of Spring
S - Sunny Day Real Estate
T - Texas is the Reason
U - Ultimate Fakebook
V - Vitreous Humor
W - White Octave, The
X - XMH - Cross my Heart
Y - You Blew It!
Z - Zookeeper  

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