Episode 26 - Colby Mancasola (Knapsack)

"Honestly, 15 years ago if you would have said, people are going to give a shit in 2013, I would have thought you were crazy." 

On this episode, I chat with Knapsack drummer Colby Mancasola about the origins of the band, working with Mark Trombino, never having a website and hearing the “next big thing” thrown around in a post-Nirvana world.  Plus, find out what the famous record executive Jimmy Iovine said to Knapsack after a showcase in Los Angeles.  It’s exactly what you think he would say.  It was great to hear their story told and to learn how many bands that we know and love all intersected at one point on tour or in conversation with Knapsack.  A true connector in the scene before social media and a 4 inch screen took over our lives. 


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