Episode 28 - Mike Kinsella (Cap'n Jazz, American Football, Owen)

(Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez)

Recently, I got together with Mike Kinsella for the podcast who in these circles needs no introduction. Alas, for those unaware, he has been a part of some of the most revered bands in the scene from the last 90s through today.  His work with Cap'n Jazz, American Football, Owls, Owen and Their / They're / There and Joan of Arc has influenced countless individuals and bands to pursue music.  We talk about his upbringing, using maps while touring Europe, an upcoming American Football release, renaming "Never Meant" so it's funnier when someone yells it out at an Owen show and of course, the future.  One thing is for sure, there is plenty of music left in Mr. Kinsella.


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