Emo Roundtable - Who will be our Emo Pearl Jam?

I was up late at night thinking about something. Who will we see in 2035? Who will be doing one more reunion tour from this era? I enlisted a few friends for help.  Here are their predictions. 

Ian Cohen (Pitchfork)

- "

Looks like someone read that Taking Back Sunday piece. M

y answer to this question is Jimmy Eat World."

Leor Galil (Chicago Reader)

- "

I'd say Jimmy Eat World are very much the Pearl Jam of the second wave."

Scott Heisel (Alternative Press Magazine)

- "

If At The Drive-In was emo's Nirvana, Jimmy Eat World is undoubtedly its Pearl Jam. Taking Back Sunday 

is its Stone Temple Pilots."

Trevor Kelley (Writer/Author)

- "Taking Back Sunday is Soundgarden. They have cred but weren't as big as some of the others, and Soundgarden kind of carried on for years with varying commercial success.  

I think Fall Out Boy are the Stone Temple Pilots of emo. Kind of had vague credibility, were late to the game, but hugely successful and alternate between being embarrassing and respected. 

Jimmy Eat World can't be Pearl Jam. They didn't have a big star fronting the band."

Scott Heisel

- "Brand New are Pearl Jam, obviously. That makes Jimmy Eat World like Journey or REO Speedwagon or something. No one gives a fuck about the members' personal lives, they just want to sing along at a rib cookoff."

Trevor Kelley

- "I think Jimmy Eat World are essentially the Foo Fighters minus Dave Grohl. Reliable and you can't name any of them if you didn't listen to emo growing up.  

Pearl Jam is DEFINITELY Brand New. It's upsetting it took this long to get to this point. They have the anti-establishment mindset and released two incredible albums after releasing a beloved but totally unoriginal debut.   

Thus, this gets back to my original point. Taking Back 


ARE Soundgarden. And the TBS/Brand New tour where they played "There Is No I In Team" every night in 2002 was basically their version of "Hunger Strike" by Temple Of The Dog.  

And... scene. 

David Anthony (AV Club)

- "

This went to my spam folder, but I'm glad you all figured it out. Though I'm just thinking who Tool is now."

Jonah Bayer (Writer, Going Off Track Podcast)

- "

Yeah, nice work. I would say that maybe Glassjaw are TOOL? They are an interesting, enigmatic act that kind of got co-opted my imbeciles.

Although maybe they don't really fall under the "emo" category as much as "screamo." Thanks David, now I'll be thinking about this all day..."

David Anthony

- "

Welcome to my morning, Jonah!"