Episode 30 - Travis Shettel (Piebald)

Hey, we are now part of it.  One of the most requested guests, Travis Shettel from Piebald, sat down with me a few months back to chat about the band's history.  We spoke about the Boston scene, their first name Dork Knob and some of the reasons for Piebald's break up.  We also get an update on Travis' latest music endeavor with the Past Haunts.  A true original in a scene full of copy cats, Piebald stood out for good reason, people are still talking about them to this day. 

“It’s incredible, I still look back and I can’t believe that anybody cares about anything I or we have made.  I realize, that people do care about it, not everybody, but some people. For those some people, it matters a lot and that’s really flattering." - Travis Shettel