Mineral Reunion Tour Diary - Saint Vitus / NYC Night 1

Saint Vitus Bar - September 4th, 2014
First day in the NYC met with converse folks Jeremy and Chris chatted up Jonah Bayer and we grabbed some free chucks! Nice trade. Weather was perfect for wandering Gotham. St Vitus is a kick ass bar and venue. We are not used to having techs and sound guy on tour with us so slight troubles with equipment but all user error, I'm starting to communicate better. The crowd was awesome, they seemed to like us. I think they got together to rehearse some sing alongs with a few of our songs. So we had good backing vocals. Thanks to all yous yutes!

Bowery Ballroom - September 5th, 2014
Friday, we had a very nice tour of Marvel studios and did a podcast with professor X and wolverine. Nice swag thanks for the toys. First night at the Bowery. What a beautiful venue and great people there. Sounded huge and again great crowd. We might be on to a theme here.

- Gabe Wiley (drummer)