Live Piebald Show From 1997 Released on Cassette for First Time

Friend of the site, Paul Warham spent two months putting together Piebald cassette tapes of a live show he recorded back in 1997.

Paul spoke about the project: "It was loads of fun and it kept me busy. The (grey) “first press” is numbered 1-44 with 6 “test presses” for the purpose of stamp, folding, or writing mistakes. So that’s 50 in all.The (blue) “second press in also numbered 1-44 with 6 “test presses.” Again, 50 in all. So altogether, I recorded, copied, labeled, and stamped 100 cassettes. I’m itching to do another. The recording is raw but it was done spur of the moment on my childhood Fisher Price tape recorder. However, if fans of Piebald know these four songs, it’s a treat. The name I gave this “label” is Punctilious. The story of how I heard this name is that I overheard it on one of those Investigation Discovery murder programs and thought it was a very interesting word."

Premiere: Hiding Place - "Slave To Your Name"

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Hiding Place are for fans of Death Cab For Cutie, Jimmy Eat World and Sunny Day Real Estate. Have a listen to "Slave To Your Name" from their debut self-titled EP due out September 9th on Alternatives Label. 

"The lyrics of  "Slave To Your Name" mainly reflect on a repetitive thought process that leaves you feeling drained or hollow. Whatever that may be. But then finding the ounce of clarity that exists in hindsight, and catching that forward momentum for the sake of self-betterment." - Stig Barker (Vocals/Guitar)