Thursday, April 17, 2014

Exclusive: The Get Up Kids - Spring 1999 - Live in Denton, Texas

From the #EmoHistoryMuseum, a full set from The Get Up Kids from Denton, Texas @ Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios - Spring 1999

Brought to you by your friends at and our amazing videographer Kris.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Exclusive - Jimmy Eat World - Warped Tour 1999 - Dallas Texas - LIVE

From the #EmoHistoryMuseum, a full set from Jimmy Eat World at Warped Tour 1999 in Dallas, Texas. To note: Sweetness wasn’t the set closer! Great set. 

Thanks to Washed Up Emo fan Kris for the video. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Episode 30 - Travis Shettel (Piebald)

Hey, we are now part of it.  One of the most requested guests, Travis Shettel from Piebald, sat down with me a few months back to chat about the band's history.  We spoke about the Boston scene, their first name Dork Knob and some of the reasons for Piebald's break up.  We also get an update on Travis' latest music endeavor with the Past Haunts.  A true original in a scene full of copy cats, Piebald stood out for good reason, people are still talking about them to this day. 

“It’s incredible, I still look back and I can’t believe that anybody cares about anything I or we have made.  I realize, that people do care about it, not everybody, but some people. For those some people, it matters a lot and that’s really flattering." - Travis Shettel

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TS and the Past Haunts

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Emo Roundtable - Who will be our Emo Pearl Jam?

I was up late at night thinking about something. Who will we see in 2035? Who will be doing one more reunion tour from this era? I enlisted a few friends for help.  Here are their predictions. 

Ian Cohen (Pitchfork) - "Looks like someone read that Taking Back Sunday piece. My answer to this question is Jimmy Eat World."

Leor Galil (Chicago Reader) - "I'd say Jimmy Eat World are very much the Pearl Jam of the second wave."

Scott Heisel (Alternative Press Magazine) - "If At The Drive-In was emo's Nirvana, Jimmy Eat World is undoubtedly its Pearl Jam. Taking Back Sunday is its Stone Temple Pilots."

Trevor Kelley (Writer/Author) - "Taking Back Sunday is Soundgarden. They have cred but weren't as big as some of the others, and Soundgarden kind of carried on for years with varying commercial success.  I think Fall Out Boy are the Stone Temple Pilots of emo. Kind of had vague credibility, were late to the game, but hugely successful and alternate between being embarrassing and respected. Jimmy Eat World can't be Pearl Jam. They didn't have a big star fronting the band."

Scott Heisel - "Brand New are Pearl Jam, obviously. That makes Jimmy Eat World like Journey or REO Speedwagon or something. No one gives a fuck about the members' personal lives, they just want to sing along at a rib cookoff."

Trevor Kelley - "I think Jimmy Eat World are essentially the Foo Fighters minus Dave Grohl. Reliable and you can't name any of them if you didn't listen to emo growing up.  Pearl Jam is DEFINITELY Brand New. It's upsetting it took this long to get to this point. They have the anti-establishment mindset and released two incredible albums after releasing a beloved but totally unoriginal debut.   Thus, this gets back to my original point. Taking Back Sunday ARE Soundgarden. And the TBS/Brand New tour where they played "There Is No I In Team" every night in 2002 was basically their version of "Hunger Strike" by Temple Of The Dog.  And... scene. 

David Anthony (AV Club) - "This went to my spam folder, but I'm glad you all figured it out. Though I'm just thinking who Tool is now."

Jonah Bayer (Writer, Going Off Track Podcast) - "Yeah, nice work. I would say that maybe Glassjaw are TOOL? They are an interesting, enigmatic act that kind of got co-opted my imbeciles. Although maybe they don't really fall under the "emo" category as much as "screamo." Thanks David, now I'll be thinking about this all day..."

David Anthony - "Welcome to my morning, Jonah!"

Monday, March 3, 2014

Sunny Day Real Estate to Release "Lipton Witch", First New Song Since 2000, on Circa Survive Split

News courtesy of
Sunny Day Real Estate reunited for a tour once again in 2009, and it was reported that they were working on new material. However, Mendel said the recordings "fell apart". Now, the band has big news: They're releasing a new song on Record Store Day (April 19).
The release is a split with Circa Survive and features exclusive tracks from both bands. SDRE's song is called "Lipton Witch"; it's their first new song since The Rising Tide was released in 2000.
Circa Survive's track is called "Bad Heart", recorded after the release of the band's last album, 2012's Violent Waves. The artwork (above) is by Chris Thompson, who did the art for Diaryand How It Feels to Be Something On.
It's a limited pressing, with 2,400 coming out on burgundy vinyl and 100 on clear vinyl.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Exclusive: Hear Prawn/Joie De Vivre split EP from Topshelf Records and Count Your Lucky Stars

Prawn Tour Dates

w/ Special Explosion
3/3/2014 - College Park, MD @ Hostage House 
3/4/2014 - Richmond, VA @ Gallery 5
3/5/2014 - Chapel Hill, NC @ Chapel Hill Underground 
3/6/2014 - Atlanta, GA @ Wonderroot
w/ You Blew It! & Special Explosion
3/7/2014 - Gainesville, FL @ Loosey’s w/ Dikembe & Frameworks
3/8/2014 - Tampa, FL @ Mojo Record and Books
3/9/2014 - Orlando, FL @ Backbooth w/ Dikembe & Frameworks
3/10/2014 - Birmingham, AL @ The Forge
3/11/2014 - Jackson, MS @ Rampage Extreme Park
Just Prawn:
3/16/2014 - Fort Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill
3/17/2014 - Norman, OK @ Industrial Skate Park
3/19/2014 - Indianapolis, IN @ Hoosier Dome
3/20/2014 - Chicago, IL @ Audiotree Live
w/ Joie De Vivre
3/22/2014 - Chicago, IL @ Township * no Joie de Vivre
3/23/2014 - Grand Rapids @ The House of Pancakes
3/24/2014 - Toledo, OH @ The Ottawa Club
Just Prawn:
3/25/2014 - Pittsburgh, PA @ The Mr. Roboto Project
3/26/2014 - Buffalo, NY @ The Lair
3/27/2014 - Ithaca, NY @ The Haunt
w/ Old Gray & Sorority Noise
3/28/2014 - Amnityville, NY @ Amnityville Music Hall
3/29/2014 - Albany, NY @ The Icehouse
3/30/2014 - Montclair, NJ @ The Bat Cave

Episode 29 - Frank Turner

Frank Turner couldn’t wait to talk as he bounded to the back of the tour bus before his New York City gig at Terminal 5 late last year.  When settled, he proclaimed that he never gets to talk about emo in any interview.  Good start to say the least.  After a full tour and pushing his latest album “Tape Deck Heart,” he relaxed instantly and in turn we had a great conversation. We spoke about his time with Kneejerk and Million Dead, his upbringing in the UK and how he found out about emo and hardcore plus Mineral’s influence and his favorite emo band I Hate Myself.  Needless to say, we got along.    

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Episode 28 - Mike Kinsella (Cap'n Jazz, American Football, Owen)

(Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez)

Recently, I got together with Mike Kinsella for the podcast who in these circles needs no introduction. Alas, for those unaware, he has been a part of some of the most revered bands in the scene from the last 90s through today.  His work with Cap'n Jazz, American Football, Owls, Owen and Their / They're / There and Joan of Arc has influenced countless individuals and bands to pursue music.  We talk about his upbringing, using maps while touring Europe, an upcoming American Football release, renaming "Never Meant" so it's funnier when someone yells it out at an Owen show and of course, the future.  One thing is for sure, there is plenty of music left in Mr. Kinsella.

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Emo Field Trip - Donut Friend - Highland Park, CA

Took a trip to Highland Park, CA to visit Donut Friend and really find out how Custard Front Drive 
and Dag Nutty were for real. Go see and taste for yourself! Washed Up Emo approved.

Check out the full set of photos on Facebook

Monday, December 16, 2013

Exclusive Music Video Premiere: Foxing - "Rory"

Exclusive to from our friends at Count Your Lucky Stars Records and Foxing, comes the brand new video, "Rory," from the album The Albatross.  The second pressing is available for pre-order now.

Catch Foxing on tour near you:

12/20: Milwaukee, WI. @ Scheme City with Migo, Bendata Bendata, Bunkbeds, BFF 12/21: Chicago, IL. @ Township with Mountains For Clouds, My Dad, Bag 12/22: Kalamazoo, MI. @ Milhouse with Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), The Reptilian, Lincoln County War 12/23: Chesterton, IN. @ The Sound Cellar with Face Value, Birds of a Feather, Slurred Terms 12/26: Kent, OH @ Stone Tavern with Annabel, The Ground is Lava 12/27: Pittsburgh, PA. @ 222 Ormsby with Tiny Moving Parts, Unraveler, Whoovez, Nevada Mountains, Bat Zuppel, Worn Colors 12/28: Warwick, NY. @ The Pigeon Co-op with Pigeon, Paste 12/29: Philadelphia, PA. @ North Star (Kat Kat Phest 2) with Lemuria, Marietta, Citycop, Smoother, Leaky Soups 12/30: Montclair, NJ @ The Batcave with Owel, Paste, Hannibal Montana 12/31: Willimantic, CT. @ Williamantic Records with The World is a Beautiful Place and I’m No Longer Afraid to Die, Posture & Grizzly, John Galm, Soda Bomb, Makeshift Shelters 01/01: Long Island, New York @ No Fun Club with State Lines, Scout, Addison Pike, Graves 01/02: Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space with Toasted Plastic, Our Daily Fix 01/03: Allentown, PA @ Planet Trog 01/04: Alexandria, VA. @ The Lab with Monument, Mike Bell & The Movies, The Fordists, Shat Shorts 01/05: Asheville, NC. @ The Oddatorium with Muscle & Bone, Sinai Vessel, Weak Wrists 01/06: Atlanta, GA. @ Under The Couch with You Blew It!, The Wild, Rookie Move, We Few 01/07: Gainesville, FL. @ TBA with Dikembe 01/08: Orlando, FL. @ TBA with Dikembe 01/09: Jacksonville, FL, @ TBA with Dikembe 01/10: Tallahassee, FL @ Pizza Crew HQ V.2 with Dikembe 01/11: Birmingham, AL. @ The Forge with Velouria, On Thursday We Leave, Alderaan 01/12: Memphis, TN. @ Crosstown Arts with Greyscale, Mayfair, The Star Killers, Clockwork Theory 01/13: Nashville, TN. @ Neuhaus5

Friday, November 29, 2013

Episode 27 - Jim Adkins & Eric Richter (Jimmy Eat World, Christie Front Drive)

After meeting Eric Richter from Christie Front Drive through a friend in the early 2000s, I got to ask all the questions I had pent up since high school about the early days of Christie Front Drive touring and connecting with the likes of Mineral, Boys Life and Jimmy Eat World. I was always intrigued about that connection with Jimmy Eat World and after interviewing Jim Adkins for the podcast, I couldn't wait to get them both in a room.  Schedules aligned this year and almost instinctively I stepped out of the way on this one.  No need for questions when two friends get in the room.  In this episode, you will hear Eric and Jim discuss how they did their first 7" together, the Capitol Records years for Jimmy Eat World and plenty of stories from the road.  To be able to put this together and hear Eric and Jim wax poetic on the early days of their bands was a dream come true and a first for the podcast.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Episode 26 - Colby Mancasola (Knapsack)

"Honestly, 15 years ago if you would have said, people are going to give a shit in 2013, I would have thought you were crazy." 

On this episode, I chat with Knapsack drummer Colby Mancasola about the origins of the band, working with Mark Trombino, never having a website and hearing the “next big thing” thrown around in a post-Nirvana world.  Plus, find out what the famous record executive Jimmy Iovine said to Knapsack after a showcase in Los Angeles.  It’s exactly what you think he would say.  It was great to hear their story told and to learn how many bands that we know and love all intersected at one point on tour or in conversation with Knapsack.  A true connector in the scene before social media and a 4 inch screen took over our lives. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Playlist from Emo Night - November 7th, 2013

November 7th, 2013 - Idle Hands Bar - NY, NY - Special guest - Dave Masters from Signal Hill

Rainer Maria - tinfoil
The farewell bend - predictability
Cap n jazz - little league
Gates - walls
Texas is the reason - Johnny on the spot
Their / they're / there - concession speech writer
The get up kids - I'm a loner Dottie
Mineral - 80-37
Sunny day real estate - in circles
The littlest Viking - my little brony
Knapsack - decorate the spine
Fireside - let Rasputin do it
Braid - Nathan detroits
American football - never meant
Joan of arc - gin and platonic
Everyone everywhere - queen Mary 11
The promise ring - red and blue jeans
Now, now - thread
Awake and alert - wool and water
Jimmy eat world - believe in what you want
At the drive in - chanbara
Before Braille - welcome away
Brand New - Seventy Times 7
Cursive - The Recluse
Taking Back Sunday - A Decade Under The Influence
Saves the Day - At Your Funeral
Jimmy Eat World - Sweetness
Sunny Day Real Estate - Pillars
Thursday - Understanding In A Car Crash
Weezer - My Name is Jonas
The Get Up Kids - Ten Minutes
Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down
Saves the Day - Shoulder To The Wheel
Say Anything - Alive With The Glory of Love
Hot Water Music - Turnstile
Hot Rod Circuit - The Pharmacist
The Anniversary - The D In Detroit
Death Cab for Cutie - I Will Follow You Into The Dark
The Format - The First Single
The Postal Service - Such Great Heights
Coheed and Cambria - Everything Evil 
The Promise Ring - Happiness is all the Rage
Cursive - The Radiator Hums
My Chemical Romance - I’m Not Okay I Promise
Piebald - American Hearts
Reggie and the Effect - Your Girlfriends Hate Me
Straylight Run - Existentialism on Prom Night
The Used - The Taste of Ink
Midtown - Like A Movie
Brand New - Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades
The Get Up Kids - Mass Pike
The Promise Ring - Red & Blue Jeans
At The Drive In - One-Armed Scissor
Matchbook Romance - My Eyes Burn
Strike Anywhere - My Design
The Movielife - Spanaway
Jimmy Eat World - Blister
The Faint - Glass Danse
Alkaline Trio - Stupid Kid 
Further Seems Forever - The Moon Is Down 
Saves the Day - Freakish
Bayside - Montauk
Dashboard Confessional - Screaming Infedelities 
A New Found Glory - Hit or Miss
Finch - What It Is To Burn 
Glassjaw - Siberian Kiss 
Lifetime - 25 Cent Giraffes
Jawbreaker - Luker II: Dark Son Of The Night
Thrice - Artist in the Ambulance
head automatica - Beating Heart Baby
Texas is the Reason - Nickel Wound
Christie Front Drive - Field
Mae - Summertime
Karate - There Are Ghosts
The Get Up Kids - Don’t Hate Me
Mineral - ALetter
Jimmy Eat World - For Me This Is Heaven
Pop Unknown - This Guy’s Ready For Bed
Benton Falls - Sad Like Winter Leaves
Braid - Killing A Camera
The Jealous Sound - Hope For Us
Piebald - Still We Let It Choke Us
Elliott - Drive On To Me 
Halifax Code - 100 Words
Camber - Beautiful Charade
Hundred Reasons 
American Football - Never Meant 
Rival Schools - Everything Has It’s Point 
Hundred Reasons - No Way Back
Saves the Day - Anywhere With You
Far - Mother Mary

Monday, November 4, 2013

Interview: Casey Cole from Sparrow Sleeps (Lullaby Renditions Of Emo Songs)

I saw a link recently saying a person had made lullaby versions of Saves the Day songs.  I was skeptical until I heard it.  It was awesome and there had to be a reason behind this.  Thanks to the wonders of technology, I connected with the man behind the lullabies, Casey Cole.  Be sure and download his upcoming Brand New lullabies out November 11th. 

How did you get into music?

I guess the defining moment was when I borrowed Life In General by MXPX from a kid that rode my bus in middle school. I don't think I ever returned it. Listening to that album opened up my eyes, because before that specific point in my life, I thought that the radio was the only place to listen to music. Then again, I was 12, and it was 1998.

What sparked you to start the label?  What has been the most rewarding thing working on the vinyl releases?
Starting Thunderbeard Records was really an accident. It started off as a learning process. I had some friends in Indianapolis that wanted to release their album on vinyl, so I volunteered to take on the project. A couple of months later, a label approached me about doing a co-op release. Things kind of just snowballed from there.

The best part about it all has been the friends that I've made. Artists, other label-owners, collectors, web-sites, bloggers... It's amazing how many people you meet and get to know when you are a part (even a small part) of the music industry.

What sparked the idea for the lullaby songs?

The lullabies are completely unrelated with Thunderbeard. However, just like Thunderbeard Records, the lullabies were an accident as well. My wife and I were just blessed with our first child; a beautiful little girl named Sparrow Lucille. As a dad that loves music, I was so excited to introduce her to all of the bands and songs that I love, but I wanted to do it in a productive way that would also help her fall asleep when she was fussy. The week she was born, I was listening to a lot of Saves the Day, so it just seemed fitting that I would experiment with lullabies using their songs. I made a handful of them and posted them online for my friends and family from out of state to listen to. The next thing I know, people online were sharing them with each other and music blogs were posting about them. It was all pretty surreal.

This is perfect timing for how old some of the emo fans are, did you expect the response it has gotten?

I didn't really think about the fact that there is a whole generation of people out there my age (28) that grew up listening to the same music I did. So it would only make sense that a lot of those same people are like me and have children. I found a bunch of lullabies online that had the same approach I did: AC/DC lullabies, Elton John lullabies, Coldplay lullabies... but there weren't any "smaller" bands (smaller being relative). There were no Drive-Thru/Epitaph/Equal Vision/Triple Crown bands with lullaby albums. I had no idea that others would enjoy them, or even find them for that matter. Regardless, the response has been incredibly overwhelming. The lullabies were posted online last Wednesday, and there have been almost 25,000 plays. It's just been nuts, and the feedback tends to be incredibly positive. 

How long does it take to put a lullaby cover together?  Are you a guitar or piano player?

The lullabies come together fairly quick. I use a program on my computer to put them together, and it's a program that I used in previous bands I was affiliated with. I used to play guitar, but I wouldn't call myself a "guitar player." I guess I am a computer player.

What are your thoughts on the "emo revival"?

To be honest, I've gotten old and it is so hard to pay attention to all of the new bands coming out. A few of them have found there way into my regular rotation, but for the most part I stick with what I know. And it's funny, because as I get older, my record collection gets softer. My wife and I are huge fans of Punch Brothers, The Low Anthem, Damien Jurado, and Pokey Lafarge. Bluegrass albums find our turntable more than rock albums. But I still have a soft spot for any of the bands from my high-school/college years (Saves the Day, Brand New, Alkaline Trio, Jimmy Eat World, Copeland, The Starting Line, etc). 

Also if there is anything you want to mention but i miss, by all means go right ahead.

The Brand New album will be available on November 11 for download at Also, a Jimmy Eat World album of lullabies will be available at the end of November titled "Chase This Nightlight."

Friday, October 25, 2013

Episode 25 - Chris Conley (Saves the Day)

Saves the Day, at it since 1997, has had their share of ups and downs but through it all they struck a chord with fans and still do to this day.  I had the pleasure of having Saves the Day be my one and only band I ever booked.  Sold out pizza restaurant in the middle of North Carolina after only booking one boysetsfire show.  Take that Facebook Events.  Also, vivid memories of worn out cassette tapes of "Can't Slow Down" and "Through Being Cool" that are still so near and dear to my heart.  Chris was gracious enough to sit down with prior to their latest headlining tour in support of the new self-titled album.  We spoke about Saves the Day's first show, the term "Emo Rock Stars," meanings behind the song "Shoulder to The Wheel," who designed one of their classic album covers and Chris' favorite Sean McGrath memory.  Listening back, it's great to see how happy Chris is at this point in his life and how much he is enjoying the ride.  I couldn't be happier, I hope you are too after listening to this one. Enjoy. 

Our Partner Forget the Radio

(Photo by Chris Phelps)
Chris Conley Twitter