Mineral Tour Diary - Boston/Philly/Cleveland/Chicago

Boston - 9/10

So we keep passing along side NYC en route to our next destination. This IS ground hog day, and suspicious of a lack of American geography on someone's part. The tolls alone should get us our name on a stretch highway. I shouldn't be detracting from my daily, for the Boston show was huge in capacity and in vocal harmony. It felt like a lovable riot was always about to erupt. Like a big brother who always squeezes you too hard so all you can do is reciprocate to best of your ability. They showed an overflow of love that demanded to be returned with all the fierceness we could conjure. Then I drank. Thank y'all so much.

Philadelphia - 9/11

The union transfer is probably the greatest place I've ever played. The only place maybe it's equal, is the Fillmore in San Francisco, (my band America is Waiting) on tour with Muse. That place is beautiful as well. Everyone at the club was very helpful and seemed genuinely interested in our little story of recent adventures. Kinda felt lonely up on that giant stage, but just closed my eyes and beat the shit out of my drums. Don't worry, they like it. Really, otherwise they wouldn't sing like they do for me. The Phillystines were out in full force, yelling encouragement to kill mediocrity.

Wonderful.Dry off and time to grease up and slip into a far too crowded van and drive over night to Cleveland.

Cleveland - 9/12

Tonight we tasked with playing two shows. I am just assuming here, but since the grog shop show sold out in a couple of days, they added a later show. That's a lot of work for an old man. We all discussed it and made a pact, no more than a couple of drinks before each show. I believe we all kept our word (mostly) but i failed to eat much before the first show, and no time between shows. Soooo, the second show was a little wonky. The first show went well, fun sing-a-long kick ass hoe-down. Show number two started just fine, then those bad apples from Into it Over it brought out a giant shot of whisky. I can't not take the challenge. So down the hatch and down goes Frazier (or in this case, my ability). All in all, the second show was in many ways much more of an old mineral show. The crowds at the grog shop were awesome, loud and fun. I hope y'all had fun, i did. 

Chicago - 9/13-14

Saturday at the double door, i love chicago. This city has always been a favorite and been fantastic to us. Tonight we may have played the best show of the tour. Some nights you feel as though you need to destroy something, and this was our night. I have recently seen pictures of this show, and it looks like a real rock-n-roll show. I hope yous yutes liked it, cause i loved playing it, i couldn't see anything as there was so much smoke, but it just added to the kick ass rock atmosphere. I am sorry for alls yous that couldn't get in, might have to come back and do it again! just sayin.

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